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"After doing a comparison analysis of several LMS providers,Educushy Learning prevailed in providing clear and understandable LMS service and product descriptions. The initial decision gave me a lot of comfort and confidence that Educushy was going to be able to be a suitable and reliable LMS provider."
_Gary Moreau, Associate Marketing
"Educushy LMS is very concise and does exactly what we need it to do such as deploy and record content as well as allow our technicians to be certified. If there is ever a compliance issue it is very simple to verify which technicians have taken which courses in the look-up process."
_Lauren Lara, Associate Marketing
"With half of our company's staff being spread out across the country (and world), Educushy Learning has allowed us to provide the same training to all employees, not just those at one location."
_John Doe, Associate Marketing
“Educushy is perfect for the software industry. The brilliant thing is that they have courses with a network distribution channel. One of the main reasons why we made a switch to softvolt Learning was because we are looking to penetrate within the Learning more broadly.
_Sean Harding, Associate Marketing